Learn how this rare cannabinoid works to block cravings.

Learn about the new definition of fitness and how it can help you live a longer healthier life.

Intermittent fasting is the fastest growing health lifestyle in the US. But what does the research say?

When you start fasting, your body starts changing. We take you through those changes step-by-step.

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7 Top Best Fasting Apps for 2023 - Temper Blog

7 Top Best Fasting Apps for 2023

As we inch toward a new year, resolution and reset season is upon us. Do you have a goal for better health? Exercising more? Eating better? Maybe you’ve tried intermittent fasting before or you’re a rookie. Either way, a solid,

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What You Should Know About The Potato Diet - Temper Blog

What You Should Know About The Potato Diet

In today’s health culture, short-term diets have become a go–to for many to try to lose weight quickly. Many of these fad diets, like the Potato Diet, encourage extreme modifications and restrictions for rapid results. Everything You Need To Know

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Understanding The Dorito Effect - Temper Blog

Understanding The Dorito Effect To Navigate Food Choices

It’s happening: The explosion of chemically manufactured artificial and “natural”  flavors is making healthful, wholesome foods less flavorful. Health, or lack thereof, has become an increasingly larger focus in our culture, and as sugar, fat, carbs and other nutrition indicators

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Temper + Fit Healthy Momma

At Temper we’re on a mission to help everyone master their metabolism which is why we’ve partnered with Fit Healthy Momma. Read more about their review of Temper here. “There’s no question that intermittent fasting has become one of the

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The Best Electrolyte Drinks of 2022

Dehydration is a common issue, regardless of exercise level, that can leave you feeling tired, slow and can disrupt things like your digestive system and blood pressure. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body’s working overtime while recovering from

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What Should I Eat to Break My Fast?

Alright, you’ve chosen your intermittent fasting plan. You know when to eat, when to hold off, and you’re armed with Citravarin Fasting Mints as a tool to help you stick to your intended schedule. You’ve done your research, know the

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How to Create New Habits Through Journaling

Self-care looks different for everyone, but did you know that one of the easiest and most effective ways to take care of yourself and your mental health is by journaling?  It doesn’t have to be the wistful, “dear diary” entries

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Why Am I Tired All the Time?

In a society where we’re steadily busy – whether because of work, play, life responsibilities or something else – we’re constantly hearing about how to increase motivation, energy and productivity and combat the nagging feelings of a sluggish brain and

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10 Best Citravarin Fasting Mint Reviews

You wouldn’t (or probably shouldn’t) take a road trip without a phone for emergencies, so why go on an intermittent fasting (IF) journey without help to manage cravings? Citravarin Fasting Mints contain a revolutionary THCV supplement that stops cravings before

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What to Know About Metabolic Blood Tests

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. It can be determined by a multitude of factors including genetics, nutritional habits, exercise level and more, but the formula for your personal metabolism can be hard to

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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Citravarin

One of the largest hesitations to starting an intermittent fasting (IF) plan is the uncertainty of how to avoid feelings of hunger and cravings during fasting windows. You don’t want to start feeling hunger pangs when you still have hours

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Matched: Intermittent Fasting According to Chronotype

You’ve probably heard how Intermittent fasting can create healthy nutritional habits that have lasting benefits for your physical health. The goal is to help your body work efficiently by lowering your blood sugar, reducing your insulin levels and changing your

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5 Nutritional Mistakes to Avoid While Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a scientifically proven method to alter and improve your metabolic fitness to achieve benefits such as better sleep, better memory, reduced inflammation and increased lifespan. But while it is a positive nutritional strategy for many, strong supporting

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Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the fastest-growing health lifestyle in the US. But what does the research say? We’ve dug into the research and assembled all the top benefits of intermittent fasting and outlined them system-by-system for the human body. What Is

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Celebrating Plenty: 2021 Holiday Season

We’re donating up to 100,000 meals to American families this holiday season. The holidays are a time to celebrate our abundance. Most people celebrate with at least one traditional feast. However, fewer people celebrate with the equally traditional fasts. There

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Does Fasting Affect Your Mood?

Your brain has a 24/7 job. From your breath and heartbeat, to your sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, to your daily activities and thought processes, your brain is always ON! Just like a well-oiled machine, in order

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How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Have you ever heard someone say “I am addicted to sugar?” They are not far off, especially since sugar is absolutely addictive. The body does not crave highly-processed snacks on its own; it is a learned, habitual behavior. The more

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Best Snacks to Suppress Hunger

Following a proper, well-rounded nutritional regime while intermittent fasting will not only support energy levels but will help keep your cravings and hunger at bay too. Although intermittent fasting focuses on timing, rather than caloric intake, the more quality, nutrient

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8 Daily Habits That Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation, a condition in which the body experiences a prolonged period of inflammation for years or even a lifetime, is a serious health concern that can contribute to a number of diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis,

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THCV anti-inflammatory

Why THCV Is Used As An Anti-Inflammatory

With both inflammation and medical cannabis being hot topics in the past few years, it’s no wonder that talk about THCV as an anti-inflammatory might perk up people’s ears. After all, inflammation as a health issue is pretty worrying, as

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Vitamins That Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Whether you suffer from chronic inflammation, a condition in which your body remains in an inflamed state for years, or you are interested in a more preventative approach, there are many reasons why you might seek to find out how

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Why Electrolytes are Important for Fasting

Intermittent Fasting has become somewhat of a health craze in the last few years, and rightfully so. For thousands of years — if not longer — humans have practiced IF for a variety of reasons, whether intentionally or not (think

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ADF vs. OMAD? Which Is Best For You?

Fasting comes in many forms. There is a whole day, time-restricted, alternate day fasting, etc. Countless Americans are aiming at a restricted dietary eating pattern to lose the extra pounds. According to the pollster YouGov, 24% of US adults stated

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How THCV Can Affect Weight, Obesity, & Diabetes

While the therapeutic values of medical marijuana are understood within the medical community, there is a growing interest to learn more about its makeup, particularly in compounds called “phytocannabinoids.” When these combine with the endocannabinoid system – we will learn

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Cannabis Strains With High Levels of THCV

When it comes to cannabis, THC and CBD tend to get most of the credit. That’s starting to change as new research comes out about the many cannabinoids that have been found in the cannabis plant. One of those cannabinoids

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Intermittent Fasting For Men vs Women

Intermittent fasting has been around for years, but it has been more recent that it has gained popularity and notoriety from health experts around the world. With its robust health benefits, more and more individuals are turning to intermittent fasting

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