10 Best Citravarin Fasting Mint Reviews

You wouldn’t (or probably shouldn’t) take a road trip without a phone for emergencies, so why go on an intermittent fasting (IF) journey without help to manage cravings? Citravarin Fasting Mints contain a revolutionary THCV supplement that stops cravings before they start – which, when combined with 1:1 support from a fasting coach, can help you reach your IF goals and curb nighttime hunger.

But don’t just take our word for it. These reviews of real-life results prove Citravarin mints suppress cravings, increase focus and can help you commit – or recommit – to intermittent fasting with soaring success. Here are 10 of the best Temper fasting mint reviews from customers who decided to see how Citravarin works in real-life situations.

Powerful appetite suppressant

“Temper Fasting Mints really do work, they are magical! I have tried hundreds of different appetite suppressants over the years that never worked. I was skeptical at first but wow they work wonders for your fasting routine.” – Leena

Your appetite can be a distraction while you’re intermittent fasting, and while you should always listen to your body’s cues for nourishment, having a tool to help you push through to your next eating window when your appetite flares up out of boredom, stress or other feelings is welcome support during your day.

These mints were the support system I needed to get me started fasting.” – Amanda

Citravarin Fasting Mints are effective for experienced and first-time fasters alike.

Built-in coaching support

“An influencer from my town (San Antonio, TX) did a review of these. Took me a while to muster the courage to buy them but I’m glad I did. The taste isn’t overwhelming and I haven’t felt anything other than the intended effects. Review time:

Pros:  loved the quiz and speaking with a coach. My coach gave me detailed instructions on when to take my mints to fit my schedule. cool idea and really helpful. I take them about 3 hours before my fasts end to get me over the finish line. I dont mind the taste.  its like a dull breathe mint.

Cons:  I now have an empty bottle and dont know what to do with it.  Getting a re-fill pack would be nice.  Maybe thats something the company can work on.” – Alisha

One of the most powerful strategies for success with intermittent fasting is to have a real person to be your partner for advice and accountability. When you order your fasting mints, you automatically get access to a coach who understands the psychology of cravings and will help you build a fasting plan that works for you.

Increased mental focus

“I know these are made for hunger but I ALWAYS feel super focused after I take them. What is this wizardry?!” – Rachel

Fasting has benefits beyond the scale including increased focus, strengthened memory and enhanced energy, among others. It helps your body improve its systems overall to help you perform at optimal levels.

Reduced hunger pains

“I always struggled with hunger pains during the last few hours of my fast.  Taking Citravarin fasting mints has helped me reach goal with ease.  Thank you!” – Christine

Focusing on the finish line of reaching your eating window can be difficult when the hunger pangs set it. Citravirin helps manage those signals in your brain so you can stay committed to your fasting plan.

Convenient on the go

“Packaging makes the tablets easy to transport if you are on the go.  slim and not bulky.  I take them as part of an 18/6 fasting plan.  A+” – Anna

Our fasting mints are easily transported to wherever you may need them throughout your day in your pockets and bags. Whether you’re reaching for the sturdy, premium jar of mints in your cabinet or prefer to stash them in slim pouches on the go, you can literally have these mints available within reach in your back pocket when you feel hunger approaching.

Say goodbye to snacking

“I bought this expecting it to help with my 18/6 fasting plan (which it did) but the thing I found most surprising is that my snacking went down. I’ve never been a big eater but being stuck working at home has made me snack a lot more than usual. After I took my first couple of mints I noticed I wasn’t stopping at the pantry or fridge every time I walked by or reaching for something on the counter out of habit. I abandoned my fasting plan (kids are back in school and my schedule changed) but I really love that I’m no longer snacking and my cravings are down.” – Rikki

Fighting cravings and the urge to snack throughout the day can be one of the most challenging parts of  your diet. Outside of choosing the right foods to contribute nutrients and effective energy to your body, knowing you have a backup plan like Citravin Fasting Mints to help you push past the cravings to reach your desired eating window can make your day much easier and more enjoyable.

Subscribe and save

“Happy to have made the switch to subscriber.” – Janet

Make sure you’re never out of mints when cravings hit. Subscribe to regular shipments and save 20%.

Tastes great

“Strong minty mouth feel.  killed my keto breath” – Laura

We’re here to help give your hunger a subtle push, but we also want that experience to be enjoyable instead of something to dread. Our Citravarin Fasting Mints are quickly and easily dissolved with a delightfully minty taste. 

Simple and motivating

“I’ve tried intermittent fasting so many times and failed because I always find myself having cravings and snacking throughout the day.  This is super easy and works!  So far I feel great!” – Sarah

Just because intermittent fasting didn’t work well for you before doesn’t mean you can’t start again now. With the right tools and support, we’re confident we can help you find what works for you to feel the benefits of fasting, including improved metabolic fitness.