7 Top Best Fasting Apps for 2023

7 Top Best Fasting Apps for 2023 - Temper Blog

As we inch toward a new year, resolution and reset season is upon us. Do you have a goal for better health? Exercising more? Eating better? Maybe you’ve tried intermittent fasting before or you’re a rookie. Either way, a solid, …

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Citravarin Fasting Mints vs. Peptides: Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

Citravarin Fasting Mints vs. Peptides: Which Is Best For Weight Loss? - Temper Blog

Through research, science, and technology, there are many ways to achieve weight loss. It can happen through simple diet and exercise changes, programs, supplement tools, prescribed medications, and more. Healthy food choices and habits that benefit your specific body should …

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What You Should Know About The Potato Diet

What You Should Know About The Potato Diet - Temper Blog

In today’s health culture, short-term diets have become a go–to for many to try to lose weight quickly. Many of these fad diets, like the Potato Diet, encourage extreme modifications and restrictions for rapid results. Everything You Need To Know …

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Understanding The Dorito Effect To Navigate Food Choices

Understanding The Dorito Effect - Temper Blog

It’s happening: The explosion of chemically manufactured artificial and “natural”  flavors is making healthful, wholesome foods less flavorful. Health, or lack thereof, has become an increasingly larger focus in our culture, and as sugar, fat, carbs and other nutrition indicators …

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Temper + Fit Healthy Momma

At Temper we’re on a mission to help everyone master their metabolism which is why we’ve partnered with Fit Healthy Momma. Read more about their review of Temper here. “There’s no question that intermittent fasting has become one of the …

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The Best Electrolyte Drinks of 2022

Dehydration is a common issue, regardless of exercise level, that can leave you feeling tired, slow and can disrupt things like your digestive system and blood pressure. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body’s working overtime while recovering from …

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Why Electrolytes Are Important For Fasting (UPDATE)

Intermittent fasting (IF) has become a popular dietary choice in the last few years, and rightfully so. With a wide range of benefits from spirituality to weight loss, cell repair to heart health, it seems the world is yet again …

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Science Proves Nutritional Wisdom Directs Food Choices

Fridge with options

“Nutritional Wisdom” is a controversial topic. At Temper, we think it’s foudational to having a good relationship with your body and with food. But many people dismiss it as anti-science woo, or misunderstand it as implying that it’s healthy to …

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