5 Ways Temper Fasting Mints Are Better Than Diet Pills and Stimulants

You see the ads in your feed: Weight loss pills that promise big changes with no extra effort. Stimulants and supplements to suppress hunger and consume fewer calories. But the question always lingers: Do they really work?

Making long-term changes to your body requires making changes to your lifestyle that aren’t aligned with quick-fix solutions. In fact, beginning with fat burner supplements and stimulants could set you up for failure and more mental hurdles when the inflated expectations aren’t met in a short period of time. 

Learn Why Temper Fasting Mints Are Better Than Diet Pills and Stimulants

Instead of using get-fit-quick pitches, try choosing all-natural supplements that support your healthier lifestyle changes. For example, Temper Fasting Mints make implementing your new intermittent fasting plan manageable by using Citravarin to help you keep hunger and cravings in check. By using fasting mints as a tool to meet your larger wellness goals, you can skip the synthetic and overrated marketing ploys that won’t deliver and get a truly beneficial product that supports your body holistically.

They’re all-natural

The active ingredient in Temper Fasting Mints is a natural substance called Citravarin. This helps keep hunger in check by using THCV to block the endocannabinoid receptors that influence hunger. THCV isn’t isolated from the cannabis plant, but from citrus peel extracts, making it completely cannabis-free and a safe supplement to avoid snacking. 

They’re stimulant- and caffeine-free

While stimulants and caffeine and other diet aids are hacks to subdue hunger, they come with a variety of unwanted effects like jitters, headaches, dizziness, increased heart rate and disrupted sleep among others. The Citravarin in Temper Fasting Mints is drug-free and non-habit-forming, so you can stay focused and maintain your fast instead of counting down the minutes to your next meal or disrupting your wellbeing throughout the day.

They’re not a quick fix

As with most things, consistency is the most important aspect of intermittent fasting. Diet pills and alleged fat-burners may promise quick results, but lifestyle habits are made through small, lasting changes. Temper Fasting Mints are one tool you can use to stay on track throughout your day to achieve long-term intermittent fasting success and see results like improved sleep, reduced inflammation, increased focus and motivation, better gut health and improved immune system. That kind of outcome isn’t going to come from taking weight loss pills for a few weeks.

They’re designed for long-term support

The Citravarin in Temper Fasting Mints is safe to use on an ongoing basis, so there’s no end to your intermittent fasting support. These mints are ideal to have on-hand every day while you navigate lulls before lunch, an after-work stretch before dinner, or a late-night craving. When used long-term to lose weight, Citravarin and THCV can be a reliable aid that’s effective and also non-habit-forming.

A personal coach is included

In addition to having everyday mints at your disposal when a hunger pang strikes (or before, if you can plan ahead), Temper provides a personal fasting coach with every subscription. Your fasting coach is one-on-one support to help you adapt your ideal fasting plan to your lifestyle and keep you accountable throughout your journey. Our coaches are real people who are educated and trained to help you reach your long-term wellness goals from a behavior-first, holistic approach.

Fat burning and diet supplements will be something consumers will continue to have to navigate, but a holistic approach will consistently win out if you’re in it for a healthier long-haul. Choosing Citravarin Fasting Mints and one-on-one wellness coaching is an ideal way to set yourself up for a smooth and effective transition to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.