We're on a mission to help everyone master their metabolism

Our Values


I’ve always worked to keep my metabolism fit. Until recently, like most people, I thought that a good diet was all about eating the right things and avoiding the wrong things. This leads me down some weird journeys of trying to build my own optimal foods - one involved putting turkey sandwiches in a blender. If I thought about fasting, it was in the context of weight-loss or religion.

While working on my PhD in Neuroscience, I learned about two things that changed all of that. The first was that when you eat has as much of an impact on your metabolic fitness as what and how much you eat.

The second was the powerful effect cannabinoids have on our appetite. I knew THC could powerfully increase appetite from seeing how it helped my wife (then girlfriend) through chemo. But I had no idea that other cannabinoids could reduce appetite -- that was only known by the few neuroscientists researching them.

I began exploring for myself, initially in the library, and later in my kitchen, what compilation of cannabinoids and phytocompounds could make fasting as easy as possible. I wanted to be indistractable while fasting, but when it’s time to eat, to be hungry enough to enjoy food and the satisfaction it can bring. After years of tinkering, I’d arrived at the prototype for Citravarin.  Through intermittent fasting, enabled by Citravarin, I’ve found clarity, restfulness, and metabolic performance with a consistency I’ve never been able to achieve before. I shared Citravarin with a few friends and they found the same. That’s when we decided to share what we’d learned and start Temper. Our fasting mints is our first metabolic fitness product, but it won’t be our last. Temper is my invitation to everyone to join us on our pursuit of metabolic performance. All this led us to start Temper. We founded this company for metabolisms like ours.

T. Dalton Combs PhD
Co-Founder & CEO of Temper

About the team

For the last 15 years our team has studied at the intersection of minds and machines. From our PhDs in neuroscience, humanoid robotics and chemical engineering to our work in artificial intelligence, bio-therapeutics, and even professional sports we have always worked to improve the human condition with one goal in mind, to give humans the tools they need to be the person they have always aspired to be.  You may have read one of our books, seen us speak on stage at MIT or USC, read about us in Time Magazine, or seen our interviews on 60Minutes, 20/20, CNN, and ABC but one thing is for sure, you knew there was more to our story and more to our journey.Temper is the next step in that journey. Temper is our pursuit to combine physical products, cutting edge digital therapeutics, and world class behavior change technologies focused on metabolic fitness.

Our mission to enable thriving persists and we are proud to offer Temper as the latest solution to enable human thriving. Join our team in our mission and let's truly discover what man can make of man.


a person's cast of mind or state of feeling
v. to improve a material through stress/strain (eg heating and cooling)
Archaic: Quality, character
Futuristic: A metastable state (n) or a transition between metastable states(v)
Cognates: Temperament, Temperature, Temperate, Tempest