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Get connected with a real coach to improve your metabolism and start eating healthier, sleeping better, exercising more, and stressing less.

How it Works

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Certified Health Coach

1. Meet your very own expert health coach

Team up with your Temper coach. Get matched with an expert who cares about your success. Your coach provides thoughtful, one-on-one guidance based on the latest metabolic and behavior change science. 

Fasting Style

2. Get big results with tiny habits

Start making small changes in your daily routine that add up to BIG results.  Use the Temper App for all your health and fasting needs including habit tracking, food journaling, a diverse library content from mindfulness exercises to nutrition tips, and instant messaging with your Temper Coach.

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3. Upgrade your metabolic fitness

With fasting mints & dedicated coaches, you have all the tools to support and reach your fasting goals.

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