Coach Amanda
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Meet the science-backed approach to fasting.

Temper helps you pick - and stick - to a healthy fasting plan.
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Citravarin Fasting Mint

Take a closer look,
it's a big deal.

Made with Citravarin
The breakthrough rare cannabinoid that make Temper Fasting Mints a big deal in a small mint.
Citravarin Fasting Mint

More than just a mint

Powered by science
Citravarin works by blocking the signals in your brain that cause cravings.
100% natural
Drug-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free,  hormone-free... we could go on.
Super subtle
Fasting is your own business. Mints are discrete, quick dissolving, and fast-acting.
No highs, no lows
We use THCV found in citrus peel extracts; you won't find any cannabis here.
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Hi, Jade!
I hope you're as proud of your progress as I am!
Fasting Coach

The coach with the right approach

With Temper, you're never alone. Fast with a partner that's been there, fasted that, and successfully helped thousands of people like you.
Create and define your unique fasting plan together.
Reach out with questions, concerns, and major accomplishments.
Meet any challenge head on with qualified support, 8 hours a day.
Coach Amanda
Certified Fasting Coach

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