Temper + Fit Healthy Momma

At Temper we’re on a mission to help everyone master their metabolism which is why we’ve partnered with Fit Healthy Momma. Read more about their review of Temper here.

“There’s no question that intermittent fasting has become one of the most popular weight loss hacks in recent years, but it’s certainly not easy. It can take some getting used to and most people are looking for all the tips, tricks, and tools they can get their hands on to make the process as smooth, comfortable, and effective as possible.

This is where Temper’s Fasting Mints come into play. These Citravarin tablets are showing some serious promise for those who are intermittent fasting and looking for a safe and effective way to stave off hunger and stay on track for their goals.”

Science is at the beginning and end of everything we do. Temper’s fasting mints, coaching, and mobile app are designed to help you reach your health goals. Our active ingredient, Citravarin, is derived from orange peel which means it is drug-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, stimulant-free, hormone-free, and non-habit-forming.*