7 Top Best Fasting Apps for 2023

As we inch toward a new year, resolution and reset season is upon us. Do you have a goal for better health? Exercising more? Eating better? Maybe you’ve tried intermittent fasting before or you’re a rookie. Either way, a solid, structured, consistent plan for eating for your body’s biology is the key to improving your health and wellness in 2023.

Best Fasting Apps for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has a long list of benefits for your metabolic fitness ranging from weight management to improved brain function and more. But reaching the bigger health goals with intermittent fasting isn’t possible without first making the small, daily steps to get there. 

When you want to form any new habit, consistency and accountability are two things that will take you far. Lucky for us, ever-improving technology and services has brought a wide selection of fasting apps that will help keep you on track with tools like daily encouragement reminders, personal coaching and even fasting mints to use as a tool to manage your appetite throughout the day.

Without further ado, we’ve rounded up seven of the best intermittent fasting apps available in app stores today. 


Track your fasting practice, water intake, steps and other health goals using the DoFasting app. DoFasting offers 7 of the most popular fasting types to help find a schedule that works for you. Plus, find recipes, receive guidance and try workouts for all-in-one wellness support from your phone screen. It’s a custom fit fasting program with accompanying tools to help you succeed.

Download on the App Store or Google Play Store for free with monthly subscriptions starting at $11.50.

“This app allows me to keep a clear vision with my daily progress and to stay fully aware of where I stand in regards to satisfying each and every objective! I really love staying fully engaged with the process!” – Malaki


Find the motivation to stay consistent in working toward your weight loss and holistic wellness goals with the Fastic app. Create healthy habits by tracking and celebrating your progress. Set goals like fasts, water intake and step count with encouraging reminders throughout the day. Learn from experts through dozens of lessons on intermittent fasting and holistic health topics. Even get help planning meals with more than 270 healthy recipes to make during your eating windows.

Download on the App Store or Google Play Store for free with a Fastic PLUS membership starting at $11.99 monthly to get access to more information and premium features.

“Highly recommend! Just when I might give up, it keeps motivating me. It’s a nice system I can stick to.” – Kimmalim


Noom helps you create long-term results through changes in habits and behaviors with no restrictive dieting. They use science-backed personalization to help people lose weight. The app provides accountability and support along users weight loss journeys in the form of daily bite-sized lessons and personal coaching. Studies show that 78% of participants using Noom lost weight over a 6 month period.

Take the survey online to get started and download the Noom app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Plans start at $16.50 per month ($199 annually).

“I tried Noom ‘just to see’ and here I am months later, with a whole new level of mindfulness, confidence, and optimism about my ability to manage my weight, manage my emotions around food, and live a healthy, happy, active life!” – Michael


Simple’s fasting assistant helps users improve health and lose weight through a science-based approach tailored to each user. Find educational, motivational content to stay mindful about your eating habits and learn about intermittent fasting from the ground up. Users get customized tips delivered daily, smart and flexible tracking, step-by-step guides, and an easy-to-use meal journal to work alongside six popular fasting types.

Get the Simple app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store with premium subscriptions starting at $29.99 for 12 weeks or $49.99 annually.

“I far exceeded my goals by switching to an intermittent fasting lifestyle! I not only lost 100 pounds, but I also found myself in the process. I became a better mom, wife and person because I took care of me.” – Hanna


The Temper app keeps you on track with a daily schedule. The app ties your fasting plan and habits together with your intermittent fasting wellness goals. Plus, stay accountable with a one-on-one fasting coach. Track your foods and moods and text or video chat with an expert coach. Stay nourished, fulfilled and energized throughout your days of intermittent fasting. This program works well with Temper’s Citravarin Fasting Mints to give you every tool possible to keep you focused and confident throughout your fasts.

Download Temper: Health Starts Within free from the App Store.

“The only program that really helped me changed the habits in my daily routine. I love being able to interact with my coach daily, and that my coach gives me live feedback on what I am doing daily. The content is wonderful and has been a great source of inspiration! Thank you Temper!” – Beth


Calibrate’s Metabolic Reset is a science-backed program focusing on habit change. Lifestyle intervention paired with medication works with your biology to create sustained weight loss and improved metabolic health. Individuals match with a coaching team for live progress updates and guidance to reach wellness goals throughout the 12-week program. Participants also receive comprehensive lab work at the beginning and end of the program to track progress on health indicators like blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Start the program by joining online for as little as $138 per month. The cost of the program is FSA eligible.

“The structure, pace, and support networks have made this journey feel effortless.” – Monica

“I’ve lost about 18% of my body weight and I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment for having established healthier habits. Also, I’m grateful for how Calibrate has helped me to redefine my emotional relationship with food.” – Judy


Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker uses research-based strategies to reach healthy weight loss goals and enjoy your favorite foods no matter your diet. Custom fasting plans, personalized insights, built-in trackers and a journal paired with a holistic approach help Zero users manage weight, reduce inflammation and live a longer, healthier life. Challenges, achievements, personalized help, and premium content help fasters stay accountable to see results. 

Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker is available in the App Store and Google Play Store for free with a basic account or with Zero Plus premium access for $69.99 per year.

“This app has been literally life changing! I accidentally stumbled upon it, just wanted something SIMPLE to log my fasting hours when I first started learning about intermittent fasting but it has sparked my interest in all things related to fasting and health. I’m extremely grateful that the free version has enough basic information and tracking features to inspire change and at least plant that seed to help people want to learn more, and to want to live with more insight, regardless of economic situation.” – Msatx
Whether you want a place to log your activity or you need more education, supplements and tools like Citravarin Fasting Mints or touchpoints with personalized, one-on-one coaching, these helpful options are  a valuable resource for daily use and accountability.