Don’t Eat Less, Eat Nothing

Jar of nothing

Is there an actual difference between eating less food and eating no food? Is intermittent fasting easy, and is it actually safe for weight loss and overall health so opposed to a low-calorie diet? The answer to these questions is …

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THCV: Beyond Fasting

Everyone has heard about THC and CBD and some of the many effects these cannabinoids have to offer. From stimulating appetite, boosting creativity, and pain reduction to high blood pressure and short-term memory impairment, there’s a wide range of effects …

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Metabolic Fitness: No Bigger Opportunity

woman with high metabolic fitness

One way of understanding your fitness is to break your body down to parts (liver, brain, heart, quadriceps, etc) assess the fitness of each part separately, and add them up to get your total fitness. Alternatively, you can look at …

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What is Citravarin?:
The Anti-Munchie Cannabinoid

For thousands of years, people have smoked the dried flowers of the cannabis plant and noticed that it increased appetite. In the 70’s, a researcher at Stanford University identified THC as the cause of that appetite-increasing effect today known as …

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Change Your Environment to Make Fasting Easier

Although many people may see it as an unhealthy habit, intermittent fasting is actually an incredibly beneficial and healthy way to diet. Believe it or not, but the act of fasting has been done for centuries. It’s only until recently …

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