7 Frequently Asked Questions About Citravarin

One of the largest hesitations to starting an intermittent fasting (IF) plan is the uncertainty of how to avoid feelings of hunger and cravings during fasting windows. You don’t want to start feeling hunger pangs when you still have hours to go on your fast, right? 

While planning and consistency make up the foundation for creating good habits – especially for fasting – supporting tools like Citravarin Fasting Mints can help you stay on track to stick to your structured IF schedule and reap the long-term benefits for entire systems of your body.

Citravarin is a unique extract that can help curb cravings and hunger so you can stay focused on fasting and other daily priorities while also strengthening focus and energy, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and more. 

Since this naturally occurring compound is still relatively new to the market, there is, understandably, some confusion around its makeup and how it helps suppress appetite.

What is Citravarin?

Citravarin is the “anti-munchie cannabinoid,” THCV made from citrus peel extract, which reduces feelings of hunger and cravings and helps you maintain your intermittent fasting practices. It’s non-psychoactive and 100% cannabis-free, which means it won’t get you “high.”

How does Citravarin suppress appetite?

More specifically, Citravarin targets receptors in your brain to effectively manage the hormones that influence hunger. A study in the Journal of Cannabis Research found that THCV (found in both cannabis plants and Citravarin made from citrus peel extracts) provides effective appetite suppression as well as glycemic control and neuroprotection. 

By temporarily suppressing signals for increased appetite, you can avoid snacking unnecessarily during your fasting window and stay committed to your fasting plan

Why does it work?

Citravarin helps you avoid the munchies while you’re in a fasting period and your body is, essentially, metabolically resetting itself. If you were to continue snacking or take in anything your body has to process in that period, your body goes into digestion mode and uses all of its extra resources to deal with the food you just ate. By using Citravarin to naturally manage cravings, you’re more likely to stick to your fast so your body can work efficiently and shed the extra calories you could have otherwise mindlessly consumed.

How do you make THCV? 

In the same way CBD, THC and THCV are the three main cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant, the same THCV component that helps block cravings can be made from citrus peels while being cannabis-free and entirely non-psychoactive.

What strain helps you lose weight?

The THCV cannabinoid that is used to help you take control of your cravings to stay focused on your intermittent fasting plan and lose weight is typically isolated from the Cannabis sativa plant. In the case of Citravarin, this same THCV compound is extracted from citrus peels instead, meaning it’s an all-natural solution to help you avoid the munchies but contains no cannabis whatsoever.

This THCV compound is what has appetite-suppressing qualities and helps you regulate your hormones that control hunger so that you can maintain a fast until your eating window in order to achieve IF benefits like losing weight, reducing inflammation and boosting mental performance.

Does Citravarin work as an appetite suppressant?

Yes! A study published in Nature Neuroscience found that active cannabinoid receptors promote increased food intake by arousing a sense of smell. You’ve likely heard of THC, which activates that CB1 receptor, giving your hunger hormones control over what you’re thinking and how you’re acting – potentially leading to the munchies.  THCV does the opposite by blocking the CB1 receptor to regulate hunger hormones and reduce cravings and hunger pangs until it’s time to eat and refuel.

The THCV in Citravarin helps curb cravings for fast-acting support to keep you in your fast until your chosen eating window. Temper Citravin Fasting Mints are drug-free, stimulant-free, hormone-free, sugar-free, and non-habit-forming, so they’re an effective, all-natural solution to stay focused and fasting.

What’s the ingredient in Temper Fasting Mints that suppresses appetite?

Temper Fasting Mints are made with Citravarin to help keep cravings at bay. Citravarin uses THCV to minimize your feelings of hunger and help you stick to your fasting plan throughout the day. THCV has been studied by the Journal of Cannabis Research to naturally and effectively help manage obesity and type 2 diabetes.

With Temper, not only are you utilizing an original product that benefits your body naturally, but you can also get access to a personal coach who understands the psychology of cravings and will work with you to design your best fasting practice and keep you on track for success at achieving it. We believe your life can be changed through intermittent fasting, and the most effective way to accomplish your IF goals is by having a team of support in the form of the best tools and accountability.