Intermittent Fasting Success Story: Fasting After Menopause

Menopause can be a trying time. The hormones that drive and regulate your body’s functions pivot, and you may find yourself with less-than-desirable symptoms and side effects that make you feel not yourself. Outside of medicine, some may think there’s not much you can do to combat the fluctuation in hormones. Actually, a simple change in eating habits can result in extremely positive benefits that will help you start feeling healthy, aligned and motivated to do things you haven’t done in years. 

You’ve heard of (or experienced) the downside: Those hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, low energy and drained metabolism may seem like insurmountable hurdles, but the right intermittent fasting plan, a helpful tool to manage your appetite and dedicated, personal support can go a long way in helping you adapt your lifestyle to a new stage.

Slow changes make a big difference

Beverly, a Doctor of Pharmacy from Laguna Beach, Calif., has seen firsthand the changes intermittent fasting can make in a short amount of time after creating new long-term habits. At 64, she wanted to adjust her day-to-day lifestyle choices that hadn’t been working in her favor after a slowing metabolism post-menopause. With a few small pivots and the help of Citravarin Fasting Mints, Beverly has been able to reach her goals while still enjoying herself during the eating windows that work best with her lifestyle.

Beverly’s story

“I started taking Temper mints a little over a year ago. I had gradually been gaining weight since I reached menopause. At 136 pounds, I wasn’t terribly overweight, but I didn’t like how my clothes fit and I felt sloppy. Because my weight wasn’t that bad, it was hard to justify the sacrifice I would have to make to go on a diet. Counting calories or unappetizing meals was not going to do it for me. I liked the idea of fasting since I didn’t have to keep track of anything, just don’t eat. Simple. Plus I could eat anything I wanted during my eating hours. It was something to look forward to. I decided to try a schedule of fasting every other day for 21 hours so I could maintain my evening dinner routine. I only eat between 4-7 pm. I was surprised how easy the transition was. I’m not a big breakfast person so by taking a mint around 1 pm on my fasting day, I didn’t have any trouble skipping lunch and could stay in my office working on a project without being tempted by all the snacks my husband was cooking downstairs. He is a big afternoon snacker, so there were lots of delicious smells wafting upstairs.

I had gained the weight slowly and wanted a natural diet that would take it off slowly, which I felt would help me keep it off better. It was surprising how fast the weight came off. By fasting every other day, one package of 30 mints lasted me two months. I have come to enjoy the boost in concentration I get from the mints, so I often take them even if I’m not fasting. I lost 15 pounds in about the first six months. My clothes started fitting better, I had more energy and felt great. I kept up the same schedule of every other day fasting, sometimes without even needing a mint, and lost another 5 pounds in the next six months. I am currently at 114 pounds, and it’s become a lifestyle. I don’t feel I have deprived myself of anything, but I really look forward to taking myself out to lunch on my eating days.”

Intermittent fasting for the aging woman

Beverly’s experience isn’t an anomaly. Many women over 40, 50 and even 60 experience improvement in weight, insulin sensitivity, mental health and brain fog because of intermittent fasting. The key to making a successful lifestyle change to incorporate intermittent fasting is to have support available. An effective and fast-acting appetite suppressant to curb cravings as well as a dedicated coach to guide you through your IF journey can help you realistically pivot and achieve the hormonal benefits fasting can provide. 
With Temper, you can have fasting assistance within reach using our breakthrough Citravarin Fasting Mints to keep your fasting windows in check and personal support through one-on-one coaching to help you realistically create an improved wellness lifestyle.