Will Eating Mints Break My Fast?

A note to the perfectionists out there

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you know someone who is a ‘fasting purist’—someone who is committed to the idea of achieving the perfect fast.

So committed, in fact, that you’re wondering if our Citravarin fasting mints are actually OK to have while you’re fasting. We’ll get to that later in the article but (spoiler alert), yes, it’s OK to have fasting mints.   

Now, back to your perfectionist tendencies. There are no judgments here, friend, but we do recommend that you abandon this goal of perfection right away, and here’s why. There’s no such thing as a perfect fast and trying to get there is a recipe for stress, frustration, and anxiety.

As you might have guessed, we’re not perfectionists—we’re pragmatists. We recommend setting a fasting plan that works for your life, doing your best, and paying proper attention to what you eat and drink. It really can (and should!) be that simple.

Remember why you’re fasting in the first place

Just as a friendly reminder, intermittent fasting helps improve your metabolic fitness by allowing your body a break from digestion so it can focus on important “upkeep” tasks such as autophagy, stem cell proliferation, and senescent cell breakdown. And good metabolic fitness has all kinds of amazing benefits, such as:

●  Increased healthspan and lifespan

●  Better sleep, memory, and recall

●  Improved energy, focus, and physical endurance

●  Emotional resilience

●  Reduced inflammation and a more agile immune system

●  Easier to maintain a healthy weight

●  Clearer, smoother skin

●  Increased fertility and improved sexual performance

A short list of non-food items that will break your fast more than mints

The benefits of intermittent fasting won’t be blown up by the <1 calorie. You don’t need to take our word for it. There are lots of studies that back this up.

Plus, your day is already filled with things that technically have more of an impact on breaking your fast than a mint would. Here’s a short list:

Chewing Gum

Gum contains a small amount of sweetener that triggers a preparatory insulin response, even though you don’t swallow and digest gum. One piece of sugar-free gum can contain as much as 5 calories.

Brushing with Toothpaste

The same goes for toothpaste. Just having those sweeteners hit your tongue initiates a metabolic response.

Walking by a Bakery

The tantalizing scent of freshly baked bread doesn’t just cause your stomach to rumble—it produces a preparatory insulin spike as if you’d eaten a small snack. 

Applying Skin Cream

Did you know that your body absorbs the fats in skin cream into your blood? That right there poses more of a metabolic impact than popping a mint.

Digesting Your Body’s Own Mucus

Your body is continuously producing and digesting mucus. At least 200 calories’ worth per day. You’re welcome for the icky mental image.

Set yourself up for success and enjoy your life

So, this is all to say: no, our Citravarin fasting mints (which contain less than one calorie) will not break your fast. In fact, we recommend you keep a tin of fasting mints on hand so that you’re in a better position to stay on track when hunger comes a-knockin’.

I mean, you reach for Advil when you have a headache, don’t you? Why not reach for a mint that’s going to ease you through the moments of craving?

If you want to white-knuckle your way through your fast, that’s your business. But, as pragmatists, we’re all about taking the edge off whenever we can. Our fasting mints contain THCV, the “anti-munch cannabinoid” that quells hunger and supports you in sticking to your fast.

If a one-calorie mint can be the thing that keeps you on track so you can enjoy all the benefits of a successful fasting plan, we feel the choice is really a no-brainer. Go for the mint.