Learn How to Program Human Behavior​

Learn the basics, best practices, science, and secrets behind Behavioral Design in the Digital Behavioral Design ebook.

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What's in the eBook?

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Voted #1 on ProductHunt, the Digital Behavioral Design eBook is your definitive guide to using interactive technology to change people’s behavior. Whether you’re trying to change your own behavior or your building an industry-defining product, the Digital Behavioral Design eBook has what you need!

It covers:

  • Paradigms for understanding and changing behavior and when to use them
  • Techniques for running a behavior change experiment
  • Activities for deeply understanding the change process
  • Ethical principles for respecting user autonomy while delivering effective behavior change.

A peek inside . . .

In Volume 1, we introduce Behavioral Design as a field and framework, with a special emphasis on habit formation. 

We review the ethics of Behavioral Design and how these techniques can be used for good. We explore what techniques Behavioral Design offers us to change user behavior, and we focus in on how the Cue-Action-Reward (CAR) Model has been used to induce habits.

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Cue Action Reward CAR model of habit formation

Chapters 2 and 3 dive deep into how habits work – and what your team can do to start engineering them using the CAR Model

We review what habits are really made of, the science behind behavior change and habit-formation, and real examples of how you can get started building a habit-forming product.

What was Boundless Mind?

We wrote Digital Behavioral Design book while building the company Boundless Mind. It was a startup dedicated to making behavior change easier by making tools for app developers. Backed by investors including Lowercase Capital, Social Starts, Esther Dyson, and Howard Morgan, Boundless had the privilege of working on some important problems. 

We helped:

  • Patients stick to difficult medical behaviors 
  • Reduce cyber-bullying
  • Keep drivers attentive and alert

Boundless was acquired by Thrive Global in 2019 to help power its employee wellness and platform behavior change platform.

What is Temper?

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We’re still passionate about behavior change! Many of the leaders from Boundless Mind have joined forces again, this time to make metabolic fitness more accessible and achievable. Now, we’re taking our behavior change skill directly to consumers through Temper

No behaviors have a bigger impact on our health, happiness, and fulfillment than those that contribute to metabolic fitness. Everyone knows what these behaviors are, and everyone wishes that they would do them, but so few people do! We aim to change that. If you’d like to join us in that journey or even just follow along, you can sign up below.