Coach Amanda
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With Temper you’ll not only pick but stick to a healthy fasting practice.
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Citravarin Fasting Mint

Take a closer look,
it's a big deal.

Made with Citravarin
The breakthrough rare cannabinoid that make Temper Fasting Mints a big deal in a small mint.
Citravarin Fasting Mint

Take a closer look,
it's a big deal.

Better than magic.
It's Science.
Citravarin stops cravings before they start, by blocking the signals that cause cravings.
Time to Get Serious
Fasting can be uncomfortable, so we made Citravarin - a rare cannabinoid that give you the “anti-munchies.”
Clean and Simple
100%  naturally powerful. Drug-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, stimulant-free, hormone-free, non-habit-forming.*
Incredibly Convenient
It's an easy-dissolving mint for fast-acting craving control on the go.
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Fasting Coach

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Dig into strengths, opportunities, and define your unique fasting plan.
A real human to help you discover your path through lifestyle obstacles. 
Fast with a partner who's helped hundreds of people like you do this before. 
Gain the confidence to take responsibility for your intermittent fasting plan, diet and lifestyle.
Coach Amanda
Certified Fasting Coach

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