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Do you feel hooked? You’re probably addicted to sugar. Sugar is in all so many products. It makes you feel calm and satisfied, yet also alert and focused. But the more you eat, the more sugar you need to feel good. Soon, you don’t feel “normal” without sugar. This is sugar addiction. 

It takes time to break free from bad habits and make a change. It may take more than one try to do it for good. So don’t give up too soon. You will feel good again!

Making a change is also hard because bad habits can be such a big part of your life. You may eat when you are stressed, bored, or angry. You may snack when you drink coffee or alcohol, talk on the phone, drive, or are with others. After months and years, these habits have become part of your daily routine. You may do these things without even thinking about it.

Making a change isn’t easy. Just reading this article won’t do it. You may try to make changes several times before you’re finally done. But you will learn something each time you try. It takes willpower and strength to beat your addiction to nicotine. Remember that millions of people have quit smoking for good. You can be one of them. 

Just thinking about making a lifestyle change may make you anxious. But your chances will be better if you get ready first. Behavior change works best when you’re prepared. 

As your coach I am here to be your guide, keep you motivated, and support you when things get tough. Together, we will work to make positive, lasting changes to your health and wellbeing.